Upholstery Cleaning Services

Anyone who has attempted to clean their upholstered furniture by themselves, would know how technical and tedious this chore really is, not to mention the fact that the long hours of hard, laborious cleaning are no guarantee for good results or for avoiding damage to the upholstery. One the same note, anyone who has attempted to clean their upholstered furniture using conventional or homemade cleaning solutions has likely found out that they do more harm than good, especially when using large amounts of water which is almost certain to cause damage such as fading, discoloration, tearing etc.

We advise customers not to use such conventional solutions as the margin for error or risk of damage is too big to ignore. Upholsteries do actually require professional cleaning because they are in constant contact with the human body and won’t take long to become dirty and worn. We guarantee that our professional upholstery cleaning service will cost less than having to reupholster your furniture so don’t risk your valuable upholstered pieces and let us handle the cleaning for you, professionally and affordably.

Upholstery Cleaning ServicesWe will be able to clean to a professional finish any type of upholstered furniture, regardless of its size or type. We work with qualified, professionally trained cleaning technicians who are skilled in the use and application of the most sparing yet highly effective cleaning systems and solutions in order to give you top quality results with no margin for error. The equipment our cleaners use is professional grade and allows for successful application and treatment of sofas, couches, armchairs, padded stools, mattresses or any other type of non-leather furniture.

Professional upholstery cleaning is quite a technical and methodical process, which takes a certain amount of time and effort to achieve the necessary results without risk of damage, so we would appreciate our customers’ patience while the cleaning takes place. The cleaners will commence the appointment by determining the type of upholstery and assessing the level of soiling, staining or damage it has sustained. In turn the technicians will administer the most appropriate way to clean the material.