Rug Cleaning Services

Proper rug cleaning is a demanding and technical process which requires professional touch and expertise. Most rugs are pricy interior features made of sensitive natural fibres or synthetic materials which don’t tolerate conventional cleaning too well. The fact that rugs are made of different materials means they have different cleaning specifics and require a unique cleaning approach. Conventional or homemade cleaning treatments are likely to give you substandard results or even worse – cause damage or alteration to the fibres and their properties.

Rug Cleaning ServicesProfessional rug cleaning is also the sensible and efficient alternative to conventional rug cleaning and washing in LondonWe advise you to take the guess work out of rug cleaning and use our professional cleaning service as the better and more effective alternative. The rug cleaning service is performed by specially trained cleaners who are highly skilled and experienced. They will be able to clean any type and size of rug to a professional finish without margin for error or risk of damage. The cleaners are trained to determine the type of fibre, and to assess the level of soiling and the nature of the staining the rug has sustained. In turn they will decide upon, and apply the most sparing yet effective cleaning method.

The cleaning systems we use are professional grade and of the highest efficiency, this allows for shorter cleaning time, better results, as well as less material and resource waste, which all add up to cost effective cleaning and no risk of damage. Professional rug cleaning is also the only proven way to look after large sized rugs made of natural fibres which are almost impossible to clean and wash using conventional methods or large amounts of water.

Sometimes, rugs you have at home may not seem like they are in need of serious cleaning, but consider the following – rugs, just like carpets and any other flooring surface, are exposed to daily use and receive a great dose of dirt, dust, pollen and bacteria. This should prompt you to use professional cleaning and ensure proper house hygiene and better indoor air quality. The rug is performed on site, there will be no need to take the rugs to another location.