Dry Carpet Cleaning Services

Dry carpet cleaning is another method suitable for cleaning both natural fibre and synthetic carpets. As the name suggests, dry carpet cleaning uses very little water and still yields the same excellent results. Dry carpet cleaning is also a non-aggressive cleaning method which poses no risk to the carpet’s fibres as well as their structure and properties. Cleaning professionals and carpet maintenance specialists advise that carpets should be subjected to professional cleaning at least twice during the year for best results and lasting hygiene.

Dry Carpet Cleaning ServicesEven if the carpet doesn’t seem to be too dirty or worn, chances are bacteria, dust and dirt have made their way deep inside the fibres, especially in high traffic areas around the front door and the hallway. Eventually this will become a problem, so don’t compromise your home’s interior hygiene and don’t postpone the carpet cleaning. Conventional carpet cleaning is hardly the best and most efficient way to clean your carpets so save your time, effort and resources as we can provide you with a better, more efficient cleaning solution.

Our professional dry carpet cleaning is an affordable and highly effective type of cleaning that gives you consistent, quality results without risk of damage or margin for error. Dry carpet cleaning is designed to lift stains and remove dirt from deep inside the carpet structure, where other cleaning methods will likely prove ineffective. Taking advantage of this highly efficient, affordable cleaning service means you also get a number of additional benefits, such as relatively short drying time, as the method uses very little water.

Most treated carpets will be ready to walk on in about thirty to forty minutes, though this depends on humidity and temperature inside the property. Also, dry carpet v is suitable for both natural and synthetic carpets, despite their condition or age. The process consists of machine dry cleaning, followed by the application of spray solvents which lift and remove stubborn stains and dirt from deep inside the carpet. Final stage is the application of a special powder cleaner, which is then vacuumed, along with loose debris and dirt particles.